Corporate Affairs
Warren Buffett is famously quoted as saying “If you lose money for the firm I will be understanding. If you lose reputation I will be ruthless.”

Finding the best Corporate Affairs professionals…

Reputation can be a driver of growth, a lever for regulatory change, an advantage in close M&A, and a winner of ‘extra mile’ discretionary effort for staff. It is one of the most powerful tools an organisation has. It therefore needs serious leadership, smart decision making, accurate predictive horizon scanning, and ultimately, exceptional talent.

As well as the top role in Corporate Affairs or Corporate Communications, Ithaca Partners leads searches in the main disciplines which make up the function:

Media Relations

Fast, trusted, truthful, wisely-judged media relations is the lifeblood of an organisation’s communications. Despite the changes in digital technology, the media (old and new) still has the power to make or break reputations faster than any other group. Often the media is the conduit to other stakeholders. Excellent media relations skills nowadays are as much driven by content and digital know-how, as by an influential call to the Business Editor of a national paper. There is no time for mistakes – a media crisis now only gives organisations about 20 minutes to respond before the problem ‘goes global’ via social or traditional media.

Internal Communications

Internal Communications has historically been the ‘country cousin’ of the Corporate Affairs disciplines. Not any more. Now technology means organisations can ‘listen at scale’; internal communications can be used as the rocket fuel of an organisation’s change agenda and engagement with staff. Find me an organisation that wouldn’t get better productivity, customer service and financial results with a 20% more engaged workforce…

Government Affairs

Politics used to be a backdrop for business. It is now centre stage. The role for the Government Affairs professional in translating the political landscape for the business (today and in the future), and in shaping that same landscape for the organisation’s longer term goals, has never been more crucial. But finding those who are not ‘political anoraks’, and instead share the same strategic, commercial and leadership qualities as others at this level in the organisation is what differentiates the stars of this field.

Video: The Ithaca guide to a successful Corporate Affairs search

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