Corporate Affairs
To get the right talent, you need the right structure and the right support.

Organisational Design

Management and strategy consultants often sell Organisational Design services to major organisations but their big brand names guarantee a ‘one size fits all’ approach which seldom works for Corporate Affairs and IR. And when they intervene, do they really help the organisation to absorb their advice and new structures so that it becomes owned by the business? Rarely.

Alaric Mostyn has worked with Corporate Affairs functions for more than 35 years and is the global expert on how to help organisations work out what they need from the function, how to structure it best to get that, and how to measure whether that is what they are getting once the new structure is in place. There is no one better in the market.

Alaric has held senior consulting and corporate leadership roles at Oliver Wyman, PwC, Young & Rubicam, Wolff Olins and the BBC. He founded and runs Stonecourt & Co, working with leadership teams to enable major change, productive cultures and improved performance – including deep experience in how to make the most of corporate affairs. Stonecourt is a long-term collaborator with Ithaca Partners.

Photo of Alaric Mostyn, Change Specialist

Alaric is the global expert on organisational change

Executive Coaching

Whether it’s to unlock the next level of leadership potential for top talent; part of a wider strategic shift in company direction; or simply a sounding board for those at a career crossroads: an authentic, credible and quietly forthright coach can turbo-charge an individual and the function they lead.

Maxine Taylor is an experienced and respected Corporate Affairs Director. She has held several Corporate Affairs ExCo seats across a variety of major organisations. She is also a superb and proven coach.

Many coaches lack the technical expertise to be truly effective. Not so Maxine. With an innate, first-hand grasp of operational and strategic Corporate Affairs issues, she is well-placed to act as wise counsel no matter how complex the problem at hand. She generally sticks to the coaching side of the line, helping individuals to draw out their own answers to problems, but she brings greater confidence to conversations – and occasionally a different and effective answer – as she can be a ‘mentor’ too and make suggestions based on her experience.

Photo of Maxine Taylor, Executive Coach

Maxine Taylor's unique experience makes her an ideal coach for senior Corporate Affairs directors

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