Investor Relations
The share price is the 'window on the soul' of a quoted company. It reflects actual performance, reputation and perception, market conditions, and - most centrally of all - the sentiment of existing shareholders towards the future of the business.

Finding senior Investor Relations professionals…

Sometimes it can feel like the share price has a life of its own – beyond the direct influence of the company. Not so. With a skilled and talented IR Director there is much that can be achieved. Changes to the make up of the share register, a deeper understanding of the company’s fundamentals and prospects, more trust in the leadership of the business, and clearer expectation setting which builds resilience in the face of difficulties.

Great IR is also a strategic lever in freeing up the CFO and CEO’s time. It creates trust in the voice of the company on a broader footing – and so gives increased capacity for the CEO and CFO, and further trust in the business’s ‘strength in depth’ of talent at the top.

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