Corporate Affairs

Re-wiring Corporate Affairs for superb business performance

We have a passion for Corporate Affairs consulting…

A shifting business context makes the Corporate Affairs function more important today than it has ever been.

At its best, Corporate Affairs delivers positive impact across the business, driving growth and reducing risk. Many functions need help to dream it, design it and make it happen.

Ithaca Partners works with CEOs and Corporate Affairs Directors to rethink, redesign, and then rewire the way organisations tackle trust and reputation. From improving Corporate Affairs itself to ensuring the department and the rest of the organisation act in concert to build and protect value.

How do we do it?:

  • With Corporate Affairs models and action plans for your company, not any company. We build every solution on an individual company basis
  • By working with you (not ‘at’ you as so many seem to do)
  • With experienced, first-rate consultants who are expert in Corporate Affairs
  • Through capability building and coaching with everyone in the function (from the Corporate Affairs Director downwards)

Laura Williams - Capability Development Lead

Laura Williams

Capability Development Lead

Laura leads the consultancy side of the business. She uses her extensive experience in Corporate Affairs effectiveness and how ‘outperform’ level results are delivered, to shape assignments which deliver the best possible outcomes and value for clients. Her detailed knowledge of talent and capabilities in Corporate Affairs are also a core component of the consulting offer.

For more information about Ithaca Partners' Capability Development services:

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Mark Hanson - Capability Development Lead Consultant

Mark Hanson

Capability Development, Consulting Lead

Mark has led many strategy projects and has now found the area he is most passionate about – enhancing the ability of the Corporate Affairs discipline to contribute more materially to business value.

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