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Executive Search

"97% of Ithaca candidates are still in post after 2 years against an industry average of 47%"

The Economist 2015

A cutting-edge Corporate Affairs search practice…

  • Accelerates growth
  • Leads in regulatory change
  • Gives killer advantage in M&A
  • Goes the extra mile to retain staff
  • Creates and protects value

To deliver all of these, you need exceptional talent.

Exceptional talent comes from:

A deep background knowledge of the function and the market; thoughtful assessment of who to include in the candidate universe for a particular role; forensic attention to detail with every candidate conversation; and brave judgement of who does, or does not, cut it for the shortlist.

Alex Gordon Shute - Executive Search Lead

Alex Gordon Shute

Executive Search Lead

Alex founded Ithaca Partners in 2008 because she had lost faith in the search profession’s collective drive to excel, and felt that she needed to ‘put her money where her mouth was’ by starting her own firm to show how well search could deliver for clients and candidates. Her experience and skills in search span multiple sectors, always in Corporate Affairs.

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